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I am a National Board of Health & Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) certified Coach, focused on 

“Empowering You to Choose”  Wellness.  

I strive to meet clients where they are and become a ‘thought partner’ with them. 

We develop plans to transform, shift or change to meet their goals. 

I completed my training as a Coach at Georgetown University’s (GU) Institute for Transformational Leadership earning a Certificate in Health & Wellness coaching.  I fully embrace the value of cura personalis, or care of the person. This calls on practitioners to address and care for the whole person – mind, body, and spirit.  

While working with clients I utilize motivational interviewing techniques, mindfulness activities and promote meditation to encourage client’s self-reflection.  

We work together to develop a personalized service plan that promotes health and wellness for the individual or group. 

In addition to practicing as a coach, I am an experienced facilitator and leader with numerous recognitions and awards. I’ve been recognized for strategy and innovative ideas, building teams and delivering successful outcomes.

 I continue to work in private industry as a leader promoting new ideas in the field of professional services.  

I am PMI certified as a Project Manager Professional (PMP), 

an MBA recipient from University of Connecticut and a completed my BA in Management from Seattle University. 

I deliver personal empowerment through my practice, speaking engagements, education and creating enterprise opportunities.  I enjoy community outreach and service.

I am also an IDLife Advocate for individualized nutrition.

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Heath Coaching is a process for clients to articulate and fulfill their vision of Wellness

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Health Coaching is non judgmental

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Health Coaching involves collaboration through conversations, self-reflections and discovery

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Heath Coaching encourages actions

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Health Coaching will empower YOU to choose! 

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Health Coaching supports transformation

I will listen, respect, inquire, and motivate you to reflect
as you make changes that matter most to you. 'Cura personalis'


Coaching in support of empowered choices... What does that mean?

It means WE have a choice . . .  of what to do, eat, drink and believe.  These choices can affect our general health and wellness. 

Sometimes life is hectic, confidence my dwindle, belief are shaken and our attitudes change; circumstances are beyond our control and the outcome is less than desired.  At times some of us – get stuck!!   Ever been there?  I have, more than once.

What I’ve learned is that HOW we respond to our circumstances can make a tremendous difference in the quality of our lives; our wellness.  I also learned that sometimes we need assistance and support to regain our wellness  — to remind us that WE HAVE A CHOICE ! 

With vision, information, planning and support INDIVIDUALS can come back, recover, improve and move on to a place of better health and wellness.  Coaching offers you that assistance and support as you choose and seek change  ~ To Transform!


Helpful Information

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There’s a ‘Let’s Move’ Plan for everyone; something you can do and enjoy.

[Always consult with your doctor]

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Receive health living tips to help kids, families and communities live heart-healthy lives

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Individually Designed Nutrition
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